Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bring Me Home a Hot Irishman

A couple of weeks ago, my Aussie housemate from back in London went on a long weekend break to Ireland. I've never been to Ireland but when I imagine it, it's like a scene from PS I Love You. I imagine Gerard Butler drinking a Guinness in a cosy rural pub. I know this is just a stereotype and Gerard Butler is in fact Scottish but dare to dream...

Just before she left, I asked her to "bring me back a hot Irishman". Little did I know, she would go through with the bargain. Last week I went down to London to see "Jumpy" at the theatre with her, after the show (and a few gin and tonics in the pub) we went back to her place and she presented me with a gift. There under the wrapping paper was my hot Irishman. I kid you not.

Not only did I get my hot Irishman, he also makes "the perfect Irish coffee" - what better way to lose my inhibitions?

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