Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Cheap Man's Cocktail

Cava is the cheap man's Champagne... but it's great for cheap giggles.

The first time I tried it was on a girls trip to Spain in 2008 and it really did give us the giggles. It's since made guest appearances during my freshers week at university, numerous birthday parties and every single new years eve. I've always had to mix it with orange juice (aka - bucks fizz) but recently I learnt of a tastier way to my cheap giggles...

Back in my old office we had 'Friday beers'. Every Friday at 5 O'clock (this slowly crept to an earlier time of 4 O'clock) the beers were opened. On a couple of occasions there would be 'Friday Pimms', at Christmas there was 'Friday mulled wine' and on one occasion there was 'Friday elderflower cava' - inspired by one of my colleagues.

It's such a simple addition but it tastes wonderful and all you need is cava and elderflower cordial.

You can get a cheap bottle of cava from Tesco (or most supermarkets) for about £4.50 and elderflower cordial costs about £3 (I prefer the bottle green brand). The ratio of cordial to cava is 1:5 - simply pour the cordial into the glass (as if you were making a glass of squash), pour in the cava and stir it up. You will get about 8 glasses out of the cava and it really is a bargain.

Enjoy with friends and try not to fall over after your first glass.

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